March 7th – Today’s French general strike.

La huelga general de hoy, 7 de marzo

Today’s general strike on March 7th has been an impressive milestone in the battle against Macron’s government and its pension reform. France has practically been brought to a standstill, with 3.5 million people flooding the streets in 500 mass demonstrations across the country. This is a leap in mobilization that even the bourgeoisie’s propaganda media cannot hide, as they must now openly admit that the movement is stronger than ever.

La huelga general de hoy, 7 de marzo

The strike has completely paralyzed nuclear and electric power plants, refineries, ports, railways, the Paris metro, and many other means of transportation, as well as garbage collection, media outlets, schools and universities, and even national monuments like the Eiffel Tower or the Palace of Versailles. In sectors where participation had been more limited in the past, such as civil servants or the private sector, the strike has been massive, with the metallurgical industry, including decisive companies such as Airbus or Renault, standing out in particular.

Izquierda Revolucionaria - El Militante

This formidable mass strike uprising shows that there is strength to definitively overthrow Macron and his policies, and calls into question the pillars of French capitalism. The movement is advancing, spreading, and strengthening, causing increasing terror in the government and the ruling class.