About Us

Learn the lingo with the news

Our scope:
Linguistic reference material on the internet specifically, phrasal verbs, expressions using phrasal verbs, and translations of phrasal verbs in English, French and Spanish. Also, a sentence example of the phrasal verb in use. Other reference material pertaining to those three languages will also be available such as oddities, humor, absurdities along with games and other interactive material will be available. 

New and Current Affairs:
News of importance to the English, French and Spanish speaking communities around the world along with a corresponding cultural perspective of the same will be featured. These will include, history, entertainment, holidays, inventions, discoveries, leisure, travel, sports as well as other areas.

Our Mission Statement:
Our mission is to offer modern linguistic tools and services to users around the world through interactive and cultural methods. Our Goals and Objectives: Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all things linguistic. Our objectives are to create and promote those tools, including, but not limited to, interactive ones, that accomplish this goal.

Our Business Philosophy:
Our guiding philosophy is to be true to all languages and cultures and to interpret and translate all material with the utmost integrity.

Myth busting and false news debunking in three different languages.